Garrard and Flack repairs department, we aim to provide a great all round service for all of our customers, including a great repairs department, we are keen to put some life back into any bat and help you score a few more runs with an old favourite, please feel free to get in contact with us if you have any bats your would like us to repair or refurbish. 


Repairs and Refurbishment Services  

 Face Clean £15.00 

Bats will have anti scuff sheet removed, a light face sanding and a new anti scuff sheet fitted

Full Refurbishment - £30.00 

Bats will have all stickers removed, a full sanding, replacement toe guard if required a new anti scuff sheet and grip fitted.​

Full Bat Service - £35.00 

Bats will receive a full refurbishment including any major or minor crack repairs. 


Bat Weight Adjustment - £40.00

Bats will receive a full bat refurbishment as-well as the weight and balance adjustment if you feel your bat is slightly out of balance. 

Re Handle  - £45.00

Full re splice and re handle includes and full refurbishment, binding and new grip. 

Knocking In - £25.00

knocking in compression edge rolling and anti scuff protection sheet fitted. 


For more information on repairs or to book your bat in, please feel free to contact us.