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Visit the Garrard and Flack workshop to see the full handcrafting and manufacturing process at our Green Farm workshop in the Suffolk countryside, you can also browse through our full range on protective equipment and accessories we provide. 



We are open to custom bat fittings during our usual opening hours, during this time you are able to visit the workshop and select your bat from our full range, have your bat custom shaped and finished whilst you wait. We thoroughly enjoy doing custom bat fittings are we are then confident that all of our customers are receiving the best possible service and the best fitting cricket bat. By visiting the workshop for a custom players and customers are able to see the full bat making process whilst receiving a very unique, custom service.

To book your 2019 custom bat fitting contact the workshop on or call 07960579158 

2019 Workshop Opening Hours (Feb to Aug)

Monday and Tuesday - CLOSED 

Wednesday , Thursday and Friday - 9am to 4pm 

Saturday Mornings - 9am to 12noon